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The Samsung Gear S, model number SM-R750, is a smart watch which pairs with your Android smart phone. The Samsung Gear S was released in October 2014.

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Where can I find new screen?

I can't find replacement screen. Mine is cracked but everything works.

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The only place you can is through Samsung.

You have to call Samsung and get more info about your device and price and they will inform you on how to send your device to them once you accept the fees for your device screen replacement (gear S/ S2).

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Dear Sir

We have the screen for sale, but it is not brand new, it looks like 95% new.

We tear it from the watch, and support the parts to customers.

You can send email to me at skyson101@gmail.com We will try our best to help you.

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I have spoken to the Samsung repair centre and they will not release a new screen as it has something to do with it is waterproof. They quoted me £295 for a new watch. I think this is ridiculous.

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hi @davidgibson18 ,

This link may be of interest to you. They are quoting a price for the screen and hopefully the notice below the price means that they are just out of stock. You could try contacting them to verify that they do sell them and what the delay on getting the part is.



Hi Jay.

Thanx I have emailed them and am waiting for a reply.


I think it is disgusting that you pay this much money and it is the only smart watch you cannot get a new screen for. Hopefully in the Samsung will look at this ridiculous situation and rectify it in the future.


Unfortunately, Samsung is one of the WORST COMPANIES to do business with. I purchased a Samsung Note Edge which I spent about $1000 dollars for. It started having problems within two years. It would freeze, restart over and over and sometimes wouldn't turn on. I contacted Samsung and they refused to fix it. I purchased a Samsung Gear S watch to go with it. The watch was having problems. The screen was flickering and going out. I just contacted Samsung today and the lady said that they don't have parts for it anymore. Seriously!!! What a joke.


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