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The TI-83 Plus is a graphing calculator released in 1999 as an upgrade to the TI-83.

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How can my calculator be fixed after water damage?

I have a Texas instrument 83 calculator that I bought in September, I have used it for only three month. Fortunaly around December, My water bottle got opened in my backpack and soaked my calculator. I try to dry the outside of my calculator and just let it dry inside for few days but after that I was not able to use it because it won’t turn on. I don’t if there is any damage water can cause inside the calculator. Is there anything that I can possibly do to have my calculator work again. Any place I can go. Please let me know ASAP. My email is ElroiKibret2015@gmail.com.

Thank you!!

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Is is the same if it is a fx-9750G11 calculator . And if you can, can you tell me how to take it apart and put it back together.


My cassio fx991 calculator works one side that is the side where the 0 is turned on doesn't work and the other side works where a - appears when turned on what could be the problem and how can I solve it


Even I am facing the issue where only zero is getting reflected.did u get a solution to it??


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Water can indeed damage the innards of a calculator, because it promotes corrosion, and the corrosion may disable the calculator's electronic circuitry. The problem gets worse if you leave the batteries in the calculator while it's wet, because the battery voltage, however low, accelerates corrosion.

In your case, since more than a month has passed, the calculator may be irreparably damaged, but if you have an hour or so to spare you may try to take your calculator apart and carefully clean it. You can use denatured alcohol and a small brush to remove any crud (especially greenish crud which is a sure sign of corrosion). Pay particular attention to the battery compartment and the connectors that feed power from the batteries to the electronics. Wipe off excess alcohol with tissues, and let the parts sit for a while to dry out. Then reassemble the calculator, pop in a fresh set of batteries and see if it will come back to life.

Whenever water gets into electronic gadgets, remember the first thing to do is take out the batteries (if possible). Then you can either put it somewhere warm (but not too hot!) and dry and wait for it to dry out, or if that won't help, disassemble the gadget and clean it.

In case the liquid is not water but e.g. soft drinks, just letting it dry out won't work. Soft drinks contain sugar and sugar attracts water, so they tend not to dry out completely but become a sticky syrupy stuff. Disassembly and cleaning will be required to get rid of it.

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interesting thing you can also do to accelerate drying times if you have the equipment available... placing the item in a vacuum will dry it much faster. It causes the boiling point to drop below room temp and pulls the vapor out of the device. Old trick I learned from my HVAC instructor (he did it to his cellphone)


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I got sanitizer over my texas TI-30xII calculator. Most of the buttons wont work and its frustrating because i have a math test tomorrow. Please respond quick x

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did you pass the test?


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