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13.3" flip-top, touchscreen laptop (SVF13NA1UL).

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Display blink, problem with intel graphic driver

I try update to new driver, i try roll back old driver, but display still blinking. Only work when graphic card is disabled, but then brightness control dont work, and battery life is only 30 mins. Any fix?

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Everyone says is only driver? If conctor is broken, display will not work when i disable drivers?!


nastic, exactly what do you mean by blinking? Does it do it all the time? It stops blinking when you disable the graphic card? How do you do that? What do you get when you connect an external monitor?


does the problem happen when the battery is connected? I would look for info on how to do a power flush on the laptop, I'm looking but can't find anything. this has fixed issues like this for Dell machines in my experience.

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@oldturkey03 i just disable from device manager. Its happend in both ways, on battery or cable


This is exactly what i am experiencing now, did you find any solutions?


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Hello Nastic

Im my opinion by what you wrote the display conector inside your Laptop are probably damaged from the inside and the battery that means its damaged or the laptop is not getting the voltage that it needs


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It works when the GPU is disabled.


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