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The Samsung NX30 is a mirror-less camera with an interchangeable lens. It has HD video and it was released on February 18, 2014.

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Camera won't focus and my pictures are coming out blurry.

So I got this camera as a birthday present and it's been working really well. I love the photos it takes but now all of them are blurry. I can see all of them just fine but there is a big blurred spot in the top right hand corner of every photo. I let my daughter use it the other day with her friends, so maybe she got something stuck in there or on the lens itself.

I may be savvy when it comes to taking pictures but I know nothing when it comes to fixing these kinds of issues. Is it possible there is maybe dirt on the lens? And if that's the case, how would I go about taking it apart or fixing that issue?

Thank you so much!

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Hello William, your daughter may have gotten some dirt on the lens. That can be fixed by removing the lens from the body of the camera and then clean both sides of the lens with a clothe, preferably a microfiber clothe.

To remove the lens, you can follow this guide: Samsung NX30 Lens Replacement.

Best of Luck!

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For further help, here is a link to the troubleshooting page for the issue: Samsung NX30 Troubleshooting


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