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Die dritte Generation der Samsung Galaxy Note Phablet Serie wurde am 25 September 2013 veröffentlicht. Es trägt die Modelnumer N9005.

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Blank screen, working LED lights

I have dropped my Note 3 from a height of about 3 feet off the ground. The phone now has a blank screen (black), with no visible cracks at all. The hone however is reacting to calls, messages .. etc.

The LED lights are working fine too.

Please advise, i find it hard to believe that the screen needs replaced!!

thanks in advance

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What if my phone is cracked and the screen is blank what do I do


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Sorry to say but the screen is most likely faulty. Sometimes it will have a crack that is very unnoticable on a corner or you need a microscope to even see the crack. A cracked LCD will not allow the screen to display.

Here's a repair guide if you want to replace the screen yourself:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Displayeinheit austauschen

Where to get the screen (Please check model number for correct screen):

Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile / AT&T) Screen

Otherwise take it to a mobile phone repair shop for them to test the phone and find out if the screen is faulty or not.

Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile / AT&T) Screen Bild


Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile / AT&T) Screen


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It could be that one of the connectors to the LCD came loose. You could check that first. If it isn't that, to make 100% sure that it is NOT the digitizer (which is located directly beneath the screen), you could hook it up to another working Note 3 and test it. The other possibility could be the motherboard. The motherboard is a little less costly to replace, especially if you were to find a secondhand one. If you DO decide to buy a brand new digitizer, you can find them for about $130-150 if you shop around. I would NOT pay $250!

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An older version of samsung smartphone blacks the screen to lower the cpu temperature and maintain the phones lifespan or maybe there could be a virus running on the background of your phone this will rise your cpu temperture and it could fry the system


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Take the battery out put it back in hold the power button and the volume button and the home button at the same time once u see the samsung logo let go of the power button and continue holding the other 2 buttons until u see and the saftey screen and letgo of all of them and u should be good bud

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