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Repair guides and support for phones manufactured by Jiayu.

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Phone dead after connecting wires to wrong pin on micro usb charger

I was in an emergency situation where i needed to charge my smartphone and i only have a broken usb wire and a mirco usb conncetor. I connected the positive and negitive wires to the pins on microusb connector. it worked fine for a few seconds but unluckily the positive wire slipped and connected to one of data pins. The phone turned off. Now as soon as i insert the battery the phone blinks every time i press power buttton and led light turns on or blink in 2 different colors.

I need to ask what parts could possibly be damaged or how can i check the damaged part as i cant sent it back to china to repair and prefer to order the damaged part instead.?


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@mtk there is not a particular part that will have failed. Any of the components along the dateline that got powered may have failed. Unless you disassemble your phone, have a schematic and a board layout, there really is no way to fix it.

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if i change the power acpi or motherboard can it be useful in the same case

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