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Nabi 2S is a tablet created just for kids. It is powered by a NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Super 4-Plus-1TM Quad-Core with 5th Battery Saver Core; it has 16GB storage, a 7-inch, high-resolution (1280 X 800) touch screen, and a front facing camera.

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Why is my tablet not charging?

I plug my tablet in and it doesn't charge at all, why is that happening and how do I fix it?

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The Nabi tablets I have fixed for charging are the charging port on the tablet. The solder joints have most likely come free of the circuit board and need to be replaced. You will want to check the charger for proper output voltage before opening the tablet and checking the charging port.

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Do you know where I could find a charging port for the Nabi 2S?


The charging port for the tablet will be a round hole on the tablet and will have a metal post that protrudes from the center of that hole.


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If your having trouble charging your tablet, there might be a problem with the charger itself. If you have tried a new charger and the problems persist, I would suggest replacing the battery on the tablet. Please refer to our troubleshooting page for more help!

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