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The Nabi 2S is one of the most popular tablets created for children. Powered by a NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Super 4-Plus-1TM Quad-Core with 5th Battery Saver Core, it has a 16GB storage, along with a 7-inch, high-resolution (1280 X 800) touch screen easy for kids to use and a front facing camera to take fun photos.

The Nabi 2S first became available in December 2014, following the release of the Nabi 2. Its item model number is SN02NV07AWH and it follows the android operating system. Its red color distinguishes it from other tablet devices and its built in cover makes it safe and easy for children to use. It also comes with built-in learning apps so children can have fun while learning.

Nabi 2S Manufacturer Page

Amazon: Nabi 2S Tablet Product Review

Video Disassembly of the Nabi 2S

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