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Nabi 2S is a tablet created just for kids. It is powered by a NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Super 4-Plus-1TM Quad-Core with 5th Battery Saver Core; it has 16GB storage, a 7-inch, high-resolution (1280 X 800) touch screen, and a front facing camera.

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Software is too old to update

Nabi 2. I did a factory reset. Was not able to update software after that. It currently has android version 4.1.1 and product version 1.0 release keys. I called nabi and they said the software was too old to do an update. I also called geek squad and they couldn't help me either. I need to know how I can bypass this and update. Please be aware that I have googled this and I don't understand half of it, so try to put it in dummy terms for me. Thank you.

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it is not possible to bypass without killing the device the reason they have the restrictions on updates, that it cannot handle newer versions and still be usable.

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David bellows, I have 2 of these devices and I got one to update and have Google play, but I called the manufacturer and they said because I didn't update it before factory reset it will never update again. My other nabi was updated before I factory reset it and it has the new version. If I can't update it, is there a way to force google play into it? I've been trying to download google onto sd card and im not finding the right file or it cant be done. I really just want google play on it so my kids can enjoy better games than what the nabi has to offer. If you have a link for a google download please let me know.


If Google is all you care about go into settings turn on unrecognized sources if it not already on go to YouTube in the browser search Google services for Kindle and download the links that show up it will download the (Google play services) it will download Account manager Google play it's self and Google infrastructure note the naming sceem may be different hope this helped it should work on any andriod device but it may have problems running on first and second gen kindle fire


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