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Rechargeable indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Capable of using USB, AUX and SD card for music input. Product released in 2014.

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Why am I unable to change the mode of input?

My speaker is turned on and playing FM radio. I have tried pressing the mode button in order to change the input, but the speaker is continuously playing the radio no matter how much I press the button. I believe there may be residue under the button or the button itself could be damaged.

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Before we have you start taking apart you device you should verify that the button residue is definitely the issue. If there are no other audio input modes active, then the FM radio will be the only available option. You should try plugging in a few of the other audio inputs then try changing the mode. If any of the modes are able to be cycled then the button residue probably isn't your issue.

If you tried other audio inputs at the same time and you are still unable to cycle to different modes, please see our Troubleshooting Page for information on how to replace or clean your buttons.

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