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The Mondo GDI-IRC6000, released in 2011 by Grace Digital, provides a combination speaker platform for both online radio streaming and digital audio playback.

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Why is there no sound coming from my speaker?

I'm ready to jam out and I've got my tunes playing, but nothing is coming out my speaker. What do I do?

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My Grace Digital Mondo Plus has no sound. Please Help


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Today's your lucky day because we have created a troubleshoot that was made to address problems like this one. Enjoy!

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Ear phone jack contacts need to be cleaned. If sound is ok using earphones but no sound when ear phone jack removed, this is the problem. Happened to me 3 times over 3 year period.

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For perhaps the first time in my life, this advice found on the web did it for me. My sound stopped a couple of years ago when I plugged a connector into the headphone jack and joined it to my receiver. When I unplugged the connector, there was no sound. I just found this. It was as simple as blowing into the headphone jack, and -VOILA!- I have sound again. Thank you thank you thank you.


A miracle. After only a few months, there was no sound from the speaker. A spritz of canned air, a music filled the room. Thank you!!!


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