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The Samsung HLM or HLN series is a line of projection televisions.

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Why is the lamp display flashing on my power button?

I purchased a replacement lamp off amazon for the make and model of my Samsung TV ( hlp5063wx/xaa). Received the replacement and it still doesn't turn on, with the lamp display flashing on the power button. Any ideas as to Whatelse could be wrong?

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@zanzel4 could be power board or ballast issue. Make sure that the lamp door is properly replaced. There is a lamp enclosure cover sensor, if the sensor is not depressed all the way, your set thinks the cover is missing and you will get the lamp error code as well. Once you get it back on try see if this works for your set:

After completing the lamp replacement, enter the Service Mode

Press the remote control Keys in the following sequence:

“Power off ➔ Mute ➔ 1 ➔ 8 ➔ 2 ➔ Power On”

The Service Mode Screen appears in 15 ~ 30 seconds.

(1) Select 7(OPTION) with using the joystick downward, and then select the LAMP CLEAR with using the joystick in the displayed menu.

(2) Press the + key to select LAMPCLEAR OFF.

(3) Press the + key, LAMPCLEAR CLEAR is displayed in the screen.

(4) Exit factory mode.

If it does not, post some images with your original question (use this guide) of your boards and what your set looks like since there are different ways of testing the boards etc. Of course the set worked before you replaced the lamp?

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Thanks so much! I'm going to run through and try all that now, I don't have the remote for the TV, only a universal, would that matter when trying to enter the service mode?


The universal remote might work, give it a try and see what you get. Let us know.


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