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The Syma X5C is a four-channel quadcopter with a built-in camera.

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broken sprocket teeth repair

one of my motors has had two sprocket teeth break on the smaller sprocket on the underside of the motor. is there any way to repair that and if not is there a guide on how to replace that part?

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Here is a link to the Syma website X5C replacement parts page. You may be able to find exactly what you need here.


Hopefully this is of some help.

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There is an epoxy that's been around a long time and well respected due to it's abilities to permanently repair broken metals, after it hardens it's even machinable.

"J-B Weld" can most likely repair the gear for good. Comes down to how well can you shape/machine the sprocket to match the others.

It's available almost anywhere, auto shops for sure.

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