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The Samsung Gear S, model number SM-R750, is a smart watch which pairs with your Android smart phone. The Samsung Gear S was released in October 2014.

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Microphone not picking up sound

My Gear S microphone is not working

Everything else works great

I have reset the watch back to factory ...still didn't work

I have removed the microphone and reconnected it... still didn't work

I used the voice memo app to record and when i hit playback recording i hear crackling noise.

so i am pretty sure the microphone is bad

however i can not find the part number or the part and samsung is no help at all

any suggestions or if someone knows where i can buy the mic would be greatly appreciated

many thanks in advance

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HI , im just going through the same process at the minute with mine, i have found a company in Holland that can supply me with a new mic, so ill keep you informed.

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Use a needle to clean out the whole and it will work fine


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