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Classique's 1600-watt hair dryer blows hot and cold air. Model: 087CQA. Made in Costa Rica and distributed by Western Wholesale, Oregon.

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Why there is no air coming out from the Hairdryer?

it seems there is heat from the device but no Air coming out.

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Little to no air comes out


Examine the nozzle for any clear or easily removable blockages. There may be blockages which you cannot see, in which case, refer to this guide. Hair Dryer Nozzle Replacement

There may also be a buildup of hair or other particles in the grating behind the nozzle, in which case this guide will teach you how to replace it. Hair Dryer Grating Replacement

Wrong Setting

Verify that your hairdryer is set to a “High” setting and is not set to “Low.” In addition, you may want to engage the “Turbo” button to increase the rate of air flow.

Fan Problems

If no clear solutions present themselves, there is likely a problem with the fan/ motor assembly, which requires disassembly to replace. Refer to this guide. Hair Dryer Fan/ Motor Assembly Replacement

Hair Dryer Nozzle Bild


Hair Dryer Nozzle Replacement



1 minute

Hair Dryer Fan/ Motor Assembly Bild


Hair Dryer Fan/ Motor Assembly Replacement



Hair Dryer Grating Bild


Hair Dryer Grating Replacement



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