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Released November 1998, identified by model number HKT-3020.

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Controller Port 1 doesent work

Hey Everyone,

I got a Dreamcast from Ebay, but the Controllerport A/1 doesent work. All the other, B/C/D works perfectly.

I hope you can help me

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Do you know how to solder? If you don't, your best bet will be to purchase a replacement controller board off ebay and simply swap out the part.


yes i can solder, but why?

i read a lot of the problem on the internet, but that is always all controller prots, not only one. so i think the problme withe the fuse coulnd't be


The reason I ask is that controller port board on the Dreamcast is among one of the more friendly parts for soldering, since all the components are through-hole. I would do a continuity test on the fuse, just to rule it out as a problem.


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This guide would be the easiest, if you don't want to solder it

Sega Dreamcast Controller Port Replacement

This guide would use a little more work, but you could individually change out one controller port

Sega Dreamcast Controller Port Replacement

Also found this on eBay


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