Magsafe Board replaced and now power button doesnt work

I replaced the magsafe board in my system after it stopped charging and wouldnt power on. Once I replace the board the system powered on when I plugged in the adapter. The problem is that the power button is non-responsive now. I have tried to reset the SMC, but of course with the power button not functioning that is not working. I reset all the cables to ensure everything was connected right. Here is what I am able to do.

1. If I disconnect the battery and then reconnect it, then plug the power cord in the system turns on.

2. If I let the system go to sleep and have the power cord unplugged I can get it to power on.

3. If I power down the system and try to get it back turned on I can only do so by resetting the battery.

Does anyone have any ideas on what his may be as I am at a loss.

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