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Released May of 2014. The Motorola Moto E is also known as the Motorola XT1022.

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Took a dip, wants to recover pictures.

I have Moto E on the bench. I would like to recover pictures for the owner. The E will not power up and I am considering a break down. Would I be able to recover pictures from ram?



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Use this teardown to start your water damage repair. It's not a definite tear down, but it brings you to taking out the motherboard at least.

Then use the Water Damage Guide for how to clean up the phone. Be very careful. The guide really is important because you don't want further corrosion in your phone.

If it doesn't power up still, I would look into another battery. As long as the phone doesn't have a password or code and the device still turns on, you should be able to connect it to a PC to get your customer's pictures.

Please keep us updated and good luck!

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