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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Microwave and convection oven

My GE Spacemaker oven died. It went completely off abruptly while I was heating garlic bread in the convection oven.

What could be wrong with it?



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Usually, when your microwave oven doesn't work it all, the internal fuse (thermal fuse) is blown. This fuse protects both you and the oven. When it blows, you need to have a qualified appliance repair technician replace it.

Here's the fuse, but there is a reason it blew: http://www.repairclinic.com/SSPartDetail...

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Yeah please don't electrocute yourself and in this case I actually do recommend going to an actual appliance tech.


Agreed +


Followup on this. I did have it repaired... twice. It was a thermal cutout on the wiring that blew. The same tech came in the second time and put a slightly heavier duty one in there. He show me the part, how to connect it and instead of $157 next time it will only cost me about $3.

I asked him about the large capacitance farad/voltage/amperage section of the oven and he said those things are all sealed up, with no chance of working on them at all. My part is in the simple 110V, 150ma section of the oven, where working on it would be safe as long as it is unpowered.


My only concern on that would be to find out the reason why your microwave would all over a sudden require a "heavier duty" one. I'd be thinking that something is drawing a higher load than it is supposed to. But as long as it works for you, good for you. Be careful with those things, they can be pretty scary.


Further, the reason it keeps blowing is because the PCB is on it's way out. It is IMO engineered obsolescence. All my appliances seem to bust after about 7 years. A replacement circuit board? About $400. New microwave? $300.


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