MacBook not switching on, only hard drive spinning

When I try to switch the MacBook A1278 on, I can hear the hard drive spinning but nothing else seems to be powering on.

There's no sounds at all, and the only light that comes on is the green one for the webcam, which flashes once when the power button is pressed.

When I connect it externally to the tv, the tv recognises that somethings attached but shows no picture.

I've tried changing/removing the hard drive and RAM, tried all the recommended suggestions such as resetting the SMC/PRAM but there was still no difference. So I assumed it must be a problem with the logic board...

I've just put in a different logic board and still have the same issues. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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When you removed the hard drive did it have life in it? Could you see your files?

You shouldn't have the green light flashing at all when you boot, I'd try unplugging the isight camera before you boot again, just leave it unplugged from the motherboard and see if that for some reason was the bottleneck.

It's likely that what you heard spinning is not the hard drive but Optical, so first we want to make sure that thing is alive. Also, your old logic board that you took out, do you have a spare mac (sounds like you do) that you can place that into and test it with a different display?


Yep the hard drive seemed to be fine when I used an external docking station, and there's not an optical drive in the laptop just now, so pretty sure its the hard drive that's spinning.

I've just tried unplugging the isight camera but it hasn't made a difference, still no life apart from the noise from the hard drive.

Unfortunately I don't have a spare mac that would work with the old logic board.


Curious, and trying to get a background, what made you replace the logic board the first time, and how do we know this logic board works, has it ever?


I thought it might be a problem with the logic board because I wasn't getting any tones from the board on startup.

Only other thing that I was considering was that there was a problem with the power input... but I'm certain that the hard drive is spinning, and the light indicator on the magsafe adapter is working...

And the logic board was a refurb that had a coil replaced, bought on eBay from a trusted seller.

I'm just totally out of ideas as to what the problem is....


Don't know if matters, but I got the macbook a few weeks ago to fix for someone, was just a simple hard drive replacement and OS install that was needed.

I had it running a few times just to make sure everything was okay and the only problem I noticed was that the battery was on it's last legs. It had done over 900 cycles and had a max capacity of about 400mAh, so I told her not to use the laptop without the AC until she got hold of a new battery.

She got in connect about a day after she'd got the macbook back, complaining about the current issue.

I tried it with a new battery yesterday, but still no difference.


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