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The Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE is a Windows smartphone developed by Microsoft. This was released on March 2, 2015, identified by model number RM-1073.

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wont start only vibrates

I have a new Lumia 640 lte, one fine day it stopped working while it was on charging.

now it does not turn on, no display, only vibrates when I put it on charge or try to switch it on...

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: 9/6/2016. 10 am Eastern -

I have tried soft reset - hard reset - nothing happend.

Also tried windows mobile recovery tool - it doesnt recognize the device.. no help again..

Finally took it to the nearest Microsoft support center, they kept the phone with them for couple of days and then returned it back to me saying it cannot be repaired.. i have searched many website for an answer but i only see ppl having similar problems without an answer.

if anyone comes across any solutions do let me know.. until then this lumia is nothing more than a brick.

Have a good day :)

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I aso have same problem and i connect my charger whole night and at morning my phone will be opend and after i restart my phone again face same problem and now also vibrate some day but now ...nothing happen no vibiration in phn


Have any possiblity to repair my phone at servce centre nd what problem havw in my phone


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Check the ribbon cables inside the phone. I found one that was not snapped in all the way, pressed it into place, and voila!, the phone powered on & charged correctly. As an added bonus, my LCD graphics got brighter and more colorful! P.S. USE ONLY THE TORX star-shaped screwdriver that comes with phone parts repair kits. Some idot stripped 6 of the screws in my phone, I spent several hours getting those stripped screws out, & about 5 minutes to fix my problem. They have those phone repair tool kits for a couple bucks on E-Bay, little more expensive at RadioShack etc....USE THEM!!

Thanks, hope it helps you too,

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Thanks for your response. I will check it.


Thanks much..... Got to use a T6 driver. Also above the charge port and a little to the left is a hidden screw under tape,it won't come apart without removing the hidden one...... But my phone is back in service....loose cable


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Hi @Dummy Dummy,

Before you open the phone. You said it was new. How new? Check the warranty documentation that came with the phone. It it is still within the warranty period, consult the documentation as to what you have to do to get a replacement, given that Microsoft have said that it is irreparable.

Here is a link regarding consumer rights and warranties from Microsoft.


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