Backlight fuse blown after tightening hinges

Hi, so a couple months ago, my screen was very loose so i took the macbook apart and as I was tinkering with the hinges, the battery cable got bent and I must have accidentally clicked it into place. Ive researched a ton about whats went wrong, narrowed it down to the backlight, and at the same time or since then the mac wouldn't boot, but a osx reinstall fixed that.

So I can see the desktop when I shine a light through the back on the apple logo, and I have even bridged the fuse using a staple, to test to see if it would kick the backlight on (Yes I know this isn't a smart choice as there is proper ways to test, but I bought the macbook used for cheap and definitely had gotten my money worth out of it already)

So its a A1278 with the 820-2936-b logic board, now I am about to buy a set of fuses as I have found someone who can micro solder it on, but I just want to check to make sure it is the correct fuse before I buy them.

Here is the link to the fuses I am going to purchase, unless someone knows a Canadian site which won't charge me 4x the cost of the fuses in shipping

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