Stereo featuring 5 disc CD changer, cassette player, and AM/FM radio. Model number SA-PM17.

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How do I fix my SA-PM18?

3 years late to the game.... I have a question, it comes with a picture link. I also don't have specific terms for you. I hope you can answer this for me.

I have the SA-PM18 version. The CD1 draw doesn't stay secured in and I think it's because the little white bit (pictured) it to far back to hold it in so I can just slide it in and out. Also when I turn the player on, it makes a horrible noise like it's trying to turn something but can't. also the little white cog on the left near the front doesn't stay in any position, it just falls down if I move it up.

Block Image

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Here are two links which may be of assistance to you.

The first is for the service manual for a Panasonic SA-PM18. In section 20.2 it shows and lists the part numbers for the CD loading mechanism. If you just Google Panasonic + the part number (if you find a broken part that is ) hopefully you will get suppliers of the part. I tried a few different part numbers this way and got results.

This link shows the assembly/adjustment procedure for a Panasonic SA-PM17 which may be of some benefit as it possibly is the same loading mechanism as the SA-PM18

To download the manuals:

Below the Document preview box in the page in the link there is a sentence which says This file is downloadable free of charge: ...locating file. When this changes to This file is downloadable free of charge: Get Manual click on the Get Manual (this is actually a link) and it will start the download. Be aware that you are only allowed 2 downloads per day from this website.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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