Released in June 2014, this touch 2-in-1 laptop gives its users a reliable computer at a low cost. This device has similar problems to previous models, so detecting problems and finding solutions should be painless.

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Why are websites loading so slowly?

I'm operating my laptop like normal but overtime I notice websites begin to take forever to load, even one's that I visit frequently. What can be causing this?

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Is it just the Internet? Or is the whole system slowing down on you?


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There can be many causes for a problem such as this. The first thing you can try to do is to shut down background programs that could be running and leeching off the ram and hard drive of your device. If this solution is unsuccessful then you may have bad memory/ram for your device. You may need to replace or upgrade the memory/ram inside the device. For a guide to troubleshooting this device click here.

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