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Sony Xperia SP is powered by 1.7 GHz processor alongside 1GB RAM and 8-MP rear camera.

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forgot pin lock code and no google account

bought a second hand xperia sp but it had a pin lock code on it when I charged it old owner has forgot code and does not remember google account name or password

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Its not working for my sony it just turns on


Mine too! So now what.l


Mine as well


Unlock the pin code Sony Xperia.. EMI NO…356825023467221


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I'm not certain but try booting the phone from the Internal low level recovery.

1. Turn it off

2. Once off, Hold down a combination of buttons, hold and press Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button until you see a Boot recovery menu. You will notice that your Notification light will turn PINK or RED

If that doesn't work try Holding volume up + power button simultaneously or Volume down + Power button simultaneously.

Use Volume up or down to make a selection within the menu, scroll to something that says """"""" Wipe Partition/Factory Reset""""" then Tap the power button to confirm your selection.

Do not click anything else but that, you can brick your phone!! Once it boots you have a fresh device :)

If you need a Reference, Here is a site that will help:


Update me if this helps you, Keep me tabbed :)

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it shows andriod sign with exclamation mark


I have a old Xperia its just Xperia and it just turns on. I dont think it has recovery mode. Can i fix it via a tech store


Sadly many android advice sites are poorly maintained and contain dead links like this one (above) does... The link for downloading adb software on this one is non-functional. My two cents is that the adb method (method 2 on the above site) is the most dependable method for doing a factory reset. The information on the above link for using adb to reset is fine, just don't download from random places on the internet (like the above) though go to the source: https://developer.android.com/studio/rel...

Also, using a linux computer to perform the adb reset is less hassle in general since you don't have to futz with getting USB "drivers". This is due to what is needed being "baked into" your OS/system and it just works normally.


That’s one thing hung about androids, it’s so open sourced that sometimes it’s difficult for an average joe to piece information together, especially if said person isn’t technical. Then there’s old data, and new data that doesn’t help at all.

Thanks for updating my answer with that site.


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