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The TomTom GO 500, 2014 edition is a portable GPS navigation device that features an interactive touch screen, 3D map visuals, voice command, lane guidance, and live map and traffic updates provided through smartphone connection.

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My device is not making any sounds?

I have turned on the volume to the highest level, yet I still can't hear anything.

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First, try resetting your device by pressing and holding the On/Off button. Make sure the device has been charged for at least two hours before doing this. The device should make a drum sound when it turns back on.

Second, if the sound still doesn't work, go to the "Change preferences" menu to check if the sound setting is turned on. It should say "Turn off sound" if the sound is on.

If you did all of these and the device is still not making sounds, you may need to reinstall its software.

Please refer to the troubleshooting guide for more information: TomTom GO 500 Troubleshooting.

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