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TomTom GO 500 Troubleshooting

Device released in 2014. Product identification 1FA5.019.01.

The device no longer responds to voice commands.

Sometimes a software update will cause voice commands to malfunction. To fix software malfunctions of voice commands, reset the device by holding down the power button for at least 15 seconds. After holding down the power button, a drumming noise should indicate a reset.

Consult the user manual about voice command requirements. The device may require special phrases in order to begin a command. Special phrases include, but are not limited to "all commands" and "clear route". If these commands still do not register, open the device. Check the opened device and connect the microphone cable to the motherboard.

The device no longer responds to soft taps on the screen.

Dust and debris may enter the device and prevent the device from registering commands. To remove dust and debris, open the display. After opening the device, separate the display from the digitizer and use a microfiber cloth to clean the underside of the display and front of the digitizer.

Consult the user manual and calibrate the touchscreen. Tap various parts of the screen. The digitizer needs replacement if the device registers keys on the entire screen, registers incorrect commands, or does not register at all.

A cracked screen does not necessarily indicate a damaged digitizer. A cracked screen will indent and apply pressure to the digitizer. The digitizer registers soft, normal taps and will require hard taps to overcome pressure from the screen. Replace the screen to fix this problem.

The display fails to boot or has damage.

A faint visible line on the display indicates that the digitizer experienced electrostatic discharge. Electrostatic discharge can damage and cause electronic components to fail. Replace the failed digitizer to fix this problem.

Dropping or smashing the device can damage the display, causing it to not work. Replace the display to fix this problem.

The device has a capacitive touch screen, and therefore functions through light taps. Tapping the screen too hard could damage the display. Replace the display to fix this problem.

The device becomes warm to the touch after a few minutes use.

If the back of the device becomes incredibly hot after an hour's use, the battery converts more energy to heat than it supplies to the system. The entire system will experience strain from this heat. Replace the battery to fix this problem.

The device lacks clear sound.

Consult the manual if the device has a software mute option. If not muted, check the volume settings and set the device at an audible volume.

The speaker produces a hissing noise when the magnets inside the speaker become damaged. The magnets cannot leave the speaker, so the entire speaker needs replacement.

The device fails to boot when prompted.

A soft reset may cause the device to boot again. Follow TomTom's official reset instructions.

Inspect the charging cables for bent outlet prongs, tears in the wire, and broken ends. Damaged power cables will need replacement, but bent prongs will return to normal by forcing them back in place. Leave the device charging for four hours. If the device does not charge properly, consider purchasing a micro USB to USB cable and a USB to wall adapter. Use the new cables to charge the device.

Cables connected to the motherboard may have become loose. The loose cables cause the device to function improperly. To fix this problem, open the device and reattach loose cables.

After a full charge, the battery holds enough energy for one to six hours of use. If the device requires charging after less than twenty minute's use, then the device needs a new battery.

Cables or SD cards do not interact with the device.

A soft reset may cause the ports to work again. Follow TomTom's official reset instructions.

Check the ports for dust and debris. Removing the dust and debris sometimes requires using an air canister. If the air canister does not work, the ports need replacement. Replacing the ports requires replacing the motherboard.

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