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Carving tips needed for guide completion

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Tis the season - Advice on Pumpkin Carving and preservation, lighting

The season is upon us for pulling out your trusty pocket knife or K-Bar and carving into that pumpkin. I've done many over the year but thought I'd get some advice from others. We don't have a guide like we do on oranges and bananas, so I've started one but need contributions to the guide.

I would think there would also be new ways to light it without running an electric cord to it.

What have you done? Please post photos. Here's how:

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In case you don't know what a K-Bar is:


Here's a video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUVNHh2h...

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@oldturkey03 - I posted your guide on posting photos to an existing question but how can you post photos on answers?


@mayer that is identical. You post any image the same way in answers as in questions. The only place you can not add images is in comments.


Any new ideas this year?


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Last year I carved a BB-8 pumpkin!

Block Image

Block Image

I think I used a standard tea light, but you could use the little LED ones, some even flicker =)

It rotted very quickly sitting out on the sunny porch, if you have a big enough fridge I recommend storing it in there if you carve too early!

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mayer, You can take the stand/post off one of your lawns solar lights and put it inside pumpkin to light it up at night. Just have to remember to pull light out in the morning to recharge it in the daylight/sun.

Here are my pumpkins, no carving or lighting required, just love and attention.

Grand children Charlotte and Bennett.

Block Image

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Please post a picture of your pumpkin. Mine is very simple and I didn't even gut it, but my customers like it ;-)


Grandkids are what it's about, I have five now ;-)


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After I carve a pumpkin, I do two things to help them last longer:

- Place it into the freezer for an hour or so. Not enough time for the pumpkin to freeze, but hopefully enough for some of the nasty bacteria on the surface of the cuts to die off.

- Spritz it with a _very_ dilute solution of bleach and water. Again, to help kill off the nasties.

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