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Der Shark Rotator NV502 wurde 2013 hergestellt, wiegt 7 Kilo und hat einen abnehmbaren Griff. Der Staubsauger kann sowohl auf Teppichböden als auch auf Parkettböden eingesetzt werden.

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Why is my vacuum spitting out dirt?

My vacuum started spitting out dirt from the front onto the floor. Any help is appreciated.

Thank You

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My shark rocket vacuum is shooting dirt back i can feel it hit my feet and bought new filters and clean brush and took apart to check for clogs and unclogged in the main tube and it is doing it still , I'm ready to throw vacuum out.. Any recommendations would be appreciated thank you


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First, make sure there isn’t a clog in the vacuum. There are three places where clogs are most often found: behind the brush roller, the hose, and the dust cup air duct. Also, you might need to clean the HEPA filter. If the filter is dirty it could prevent the vacuum from blowing out any air which could be the reason the vacuum is blowing out dirt. The steps to check for clogs can be found in the troubleshooting guide and the HEPA Filter replacement guide.

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I am experiencing the same problem so I decided to take it all apart. Found that when their is a clog the dirt gets pushed past the filter and into the motor “FAN”assembly. Every time I turned it on it blew dust. After I cleaned out the motor/fan and rinsed the filter problem when away. My recommendation is to run it outside until no more dust, clean the filter or replace and keep maintaining it after every use correcting clogs as they occur. No simple answer use, clean, store.

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