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Mic and speaker not working, works with headphones

I dropped my phone flat on its face, I am not sure if it has anything to do with my problem, but it didn't seem to have any damage. I can't hear anything and the receiver doesn't get anything either, someone told me they heard me a little bit at the end though. The regular speaker doesn't work, but speakerphone does for hearing the other caller, but nobody can hear me unless I use a pair of headphones seemingly. Is there something I can do to fix it or diagnose the problem? I am jailbroken, and I tried to boot it in substrate free mode, and it did not fix my audio problems.

The speaker makes no noise at all, it is not even a faint buzz. On speakerphone it is fine though. I think I might have dislodged something when I dropped it?

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there may be two parts that need replacing. the top speaker gets its connection from a flex cable that also has the front facing camera and a few sensors and is a quick fix. the mic that you talk into is at the bottom and that is attached to the charging port and Headphone jack. luckily the parts are cheap. Best of luck.

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Would they both have broken at the same time though? It makes me think that there must be something else that is wrong, like a single displacement.

Its very strange that both of them failed at the same time.


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