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Sony Blu-ray DVD player BDP-BX620/BDP-S6200. Released January 2014. Key features include 4K upscaling, over 300 streaming services available through Wi-Fi, built-in dual core processor, and HD picture and sound.

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Why wont my device pick up my USB drive?

My blu ray player will not read my thumb drive when I connect it to my player. When it attempts to read the drive it comes up with an error.

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What is the exact error message? Did you format your USB on a Mac or a Windows computer? What is the capacity of the drive?


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My first suggestion would be to check to make sure if the USB is securely connected to the blu-ray player. If it is, check to make sure the USB device is on. If it isn't coming on, this may mean the USB itself is damaged.

For further help, you could try checking out the Troubleshooting Page.

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Dead port try a different one or the USB my be dead one of the two or update the blue ray player

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