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The LG CU400 is the first in LG's CU phone series, released in December 2006 . It is a clamshell style cell phone that has Push To Talk with basic 3G data. The CU400 offers Bluetooth, video, multi-tasking, and voice recording.

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Why can’t I access MEdia Net?

I am trying to access the internet on my phone through my MEdia Net browser, but it won’t load once I select it.

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You could be facing one of several issues. First you need make sure that wireless data is a part of your contract, and if it is, then make sure you have the phone’s 3G capabilities turned on. Also, you will need a minimum of two bars of signal for the browser to work on the LG CU400. If all of that is set then you may need to clear your cache and cookies because your phone won’t be able to access any data if it has nowhere to store it. I recommend visiting LG CU400 Troubleshooting for specific instructions.

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