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This device is a personal paper shredder manufactured by Fellowes, Inc. in 2005. The shredder has the capability of shredding 7 sheets of paper at once as well as credit cards, identification cards, and cards likewise of the same thickness.

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Why is my shredder making a humming noise when it is running?

When I am using my shredder for long periods of time it begins to make a humming sound. Should I be concerned about this or can I keep using the shredder?

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My shredder keeps making a strange buzzing noise and doesn’t take much paper, what should I do?


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Different scenarios can cause the Fellowes T7CM paper shredder to produce a humming noise. In order to proceed with troubleshooting it is recommended that the device be opened up.

Possible scenarios for the noise include lack of lubrication on the gears as well as gears being potentially broken.

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