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The Toshiba Satellite C55-C5268 is a general use laptop designed to be used with windows 10. It was manufactured by Toshiba in 2015.

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Why is my Satellite overheating so quickly?

Ever since I got my Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 it keeps overheating. I live in South Carolina and use it outside often so it overheats easily. However lately it has been heating up hotter and faster. Usually after an hour or two it gets too hot to hold or place on my lap so I shut it off. It has never gotten this hot before even after using it hours on end. And it never heats up that quickly either. I know there are quick fixes like put some tray between me and the device but I'm worried this will cause damage to my laptop. How can I prevent or stop this?

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Is there a battery recall program for the c55 series? I get a red high lighted message that gives me the feeling i may need to acquire another battery pack. And how much are they?


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Make sure there's nothing near the laptop blocking the vents on the side so the heat emitted isn't trapped. The fan or vents could be dusty and trap more heat in the device , causing it to overheat. Or it is possible the fan is broken and needs to be replaced. Check out the fan replacement guide for more information on how to remove it.

Hope this helps!

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