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First released in 2005, the iDog is an MP3 toy manufactured by Sega and distributed by Hasbro in the USA.

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Why does the adapter plug keep popping out of the dog?

why does the adapter plug keep popping out of the dog? I have been told that the port the plug goes into maybe worn or dirty from usage. told to clean it out with toothpick or like object but that didn't work. so I don't if there is a way to keep it from popping out?

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If the receiving port is too big, then try adding a layer of cellophane tape to see if that will make it snug.


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I have an Idog, and its instruction manual, I do know theres a specific adapter plug that comes with it. I kept my original adapter, but if the one your using is the wrong size, it will pop out. You could also add a layer of cellophane tape to make a better connection.

Here is a link to the manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/66413/...

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