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Modelle A1237 oder A1304 / 1,6, 1,8, 1,86, oder 2,13 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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Macbook Air Power button not working

Hello. I own a Macbook Air A1237. My sister accidentally spilled a little beer on the keyboard. After it dried out, I plugged the laptop in, hit the power button, and nothing. The green light comes on the side of the laptop, then goes yellow(I assume that means the battery is charging). If I disconnect the battery, and plug the laptop in, the laptop powers on by itself and works.

Do I need a New keyboard with power button?


Laptop does not come on. If I disconnect the battery, then plug the laptop in, and wait a moment, then the laptop comes on, without me pushing the power button.

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Can you depress the button itself?


Just to clarify, when you open the machine up and disconnect the internal battery, and then plug the machine back into the wall, it powers up by itself? At that point, with the internal battery disconnected, can you shut down and restart the computer? Or does the power button still not work when the battery is disconnected?


So you're opening up the laptop and disconnecting the internal battery, right? Once you're at that stage and the laptop has started up by itself, can you shut it down and restart using the power button?


No...I can choose restart, and it reboots; That works. When I choose shutdown, and the laptop powers down, it stays off. Once it is finished shutting down, I push(press/depress) the power button and nothing happens. I have tried pushing the power button, even holding it, multiple times, and nothing happens.


Button can be pressed/depressed, but, nothing happens.


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You should clean the inside of the laptop when you have it appart - corrosion will set in, and more problems will develop over time if you don't.


Yes a new topcase will be needed.' Liquid shorted out either/both the connector cable or the power button. ''

Good Luck,


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Thats a bulldozer solution. Of course it'll work changing the topcase, but it's one button. It would help to know how to fix the power button.

I have the exact same problem. It's only the power button that won't work. There must be some switch that can be cleaned, resoldered etc?


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Seriously? In a google search of this ‘power button’ issue this website comes up as SOLVED but then after having a read of the ‘solution’ I find out that it was sheer luck that someone touched something on a circuit board and his power button started working again. How that is a solve is beyond me as to replicate a blind man stumbling through a graveyard is near impossible. This site should remove the SOLVED until a solution that can be replicated is found

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have the same issue though the power button answers when reseting SMC - shift +ctrl+alt+cmd+power button but not otherwise only on this stroke..very strange..


Allright, just after i was writing the previous answer/question i was playing with the machine and measured the voltage on the connection to the logicboard on the logicboard side and not on the Trackpad side, i kept pressing the power button and wanted to check if there is any reaction, at the beginning there was nothing and than i got 5v on pin number 4 or 5 from the left this pins normally gives 3v when turned off and 5v when turned on..now the power button works again..il let you know if it keeps that way.

but i obviously shortened something in there that activated the pin again.

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Can anyone explain this any further? There are many with a faulty power button right about now.


any update on this? still trynna figure out how to replicate that solution.


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Can any one explain the power button not working mac air 2019 .

I tried shift+ctrl+option+command button s

Power cable flicker turn to orange. Before it was green.

But power button not working

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Hi Gadi

The issue you have with the orange and green light is not an issue. For Macs, when they are charging the light is orange (to let you know it is charging) and green when it is fully charged.

In regards to the power button issue- I do not know. Mine is still not fixed and sometimes the charger wont turn the laptop on when it is plugged in so then I have to unscrew the panel underneath and disconnect the internal battery before attaching the charger. If the battery is unplugged then the charger will kick the laptop into gear and then I simply plug the battery ribbon plug back onto the motherboard and I am good to go. Luckily I dont use it as much as I use to


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