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Die Xbox 360 ist die zweite Spielekonsole der Firma Microsoft und erschien in Europa am 2. Dezember 2005.

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Do I reinstall the x-clamps after using the RROD Repair Kit?

Step 45 on Page 15 of the Red Ring of Death repair kit guide instructs me on how to reinstall the x-clamps on the Xbox 360, however it is not pictured later in the tutorial. I'm hoping that is because the reinstallation of the x-clamps are not required, but I fear that it is more likely due to making it easier to show readers certain important details in the tutorial. I have noticed that several of the screws do not go in properly and I stopped reassembling my Xbox for fear of damaging the motherboard, but I would love to be able to assemble it!

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if you used the repair kit there is no way to reinstall the xclamps because you removed the posts that they are held on my the whatever screws they use in the kit. Hope this helps.

Good Luck,


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