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Why is the UE Boom app making my phone restart while updating firmware

So, my question is quite simple, I have an LGG5 SE, I had a problem with the app on it, every time I did the software update, on 50 percent, the phone just restarts. I thought my phone is messed up with viruses and wanted to format it anyway even without the problem. So I completed a factory reset but am experiencing the same problems. Any ideas why is it happening?

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If your ‘UE Boom’ companion phone application is not reading the device or crashes without warning, see the UE Boom Application Is Not Working problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Have you got the latest version (5.0.172) of the UE Boom app installed on your phone? As it was only released on 15th Dec 2016 they may have fixed the problem that you and a lot of other people were having in updating the speaker.

Here is a link.


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Thanks! I dont realy understand why there was an outdated version on google play but whatever, your links works and it solved my problem, I'll be glad if you can check out my other question too, maybe you can help me out with it


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