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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Digital disply is off

GE profile microwave, PEM31DM4ww, 4 years old, digital display is off, unit not working. After unplugging and replugging it started working, after a few times of unplugging and replugging it stopped working.

What to do?

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@rekeren I wonder if this "few times of unplugging and replugging" finally led to the failure of the part. Most likely an IC that controls the display. I think at this point the only thing you could consider is replacing the control panel. The cost for that maybe more than a new microwave, but you can always try to find a "recertified" panel

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Unit is still working, after a number of unplugging and re plugging to 110vac.


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@rekeren Sounds like a connection issue. After unplugging from wall outlet open up the touch panel and digital display and locate any connection points to the display, unplug them and dip a cue tip or micro fiber cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe off copper connectors as best as you can. Make sure the contacts are air dried before you plug them back in and that should resolve the issue. If not check for damage to connectors in the touch panel. It could be from age (dust/humidity over time) or power surge. Hope this helps!

- Jacob

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