Not turning on after fixing wobbly screen.

I just finished the tutorial on fixing the loose display and it worked great but now after I put it back together the computer will not power up. It's completely dead. No sound, no display whatsoever. Could I have put the gold battery chip in upside down?(seemed to look the same on both sides). Could there be a wire in the wrong place? What should I check. Please help. My computer worked beautifully before this and now I have nothing.

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The battery "chip" should only fit on one way. Be sure it's aligned properly and that all screws were installed in the correct locations. In some models of MacBooks the screws also create connection to the battery. Trying resetting SMC too.


Did you unplug the battery before working on it? What is the Mag-Safe light telling you? What is the battery test button telling you?


Ok so I took it apart again and reassembled and reseated all the pieces and it started up. Now it says I have no wifi or Bluetooth connected. There's an X through where the wifi normally is. Any ideas?


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