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Apple Watch Series 2, angekündigt am 7. September 2016 und veröffentlicht am 16. September 2016.

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O-ring on the crown

Can you change the o-ring on the digital crown? Mine came out.

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I do have the same problem. My watch is just out of the 1 year warranty and I need to fix it somehow. The watch is no longer waterproof and I am afraid to ware it. If it is easy to replace that seal, it will be a better option to DIY as Apple does not offer apple watch in my country, therefore they can not repair it.


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REF: Apple Watch Series 2 Teardown

The link above is to the iFixit teardown of the Series 2. In order to get to the digital crown, you would have to completely replicate the teardown (see Step 16).

Then, you would have to figure out a way to remove the digital crown

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replace the gasket, and then put it all back together again. This would not be a trivial repair, and would require all new adhesive gaskets as pointed out by @danj above. Additionally, the waterproofing aspect of any new digital crown gasket would be dubious. Might be okay in the rain, but I wouldn't take it into a pool.

I cannot find a link to a replacement gasket. So you can either find a parts-only Series 2 and use its gasket, or you can try to find a gasket that fits to provide some protection. Here is a link to standard watch gaskets: https://www.esslinger.com/watch-gaskets/

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