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The RCA Voyager II is a 7-inch tablet produced by RCA.

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usb charging port replacement/fix

I was wondering if this USB charging port is replaceable? I couldnt tell by the teardown guide. If so, which port can I replace it with? My daughter broke the pins inside hers and now, it won't charge.

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@traceroute, Justin, To me looking at the tear down on your device (link #1)below, it appears the charge port is soldered to the board. To repair the port would require you to disassemble your tablet, and to de-solder damaged port and replace it with a new one(use the links below to see how to). You can look at your charge port which may be standard port and google search Micro USB Replacement DC Charging Port Connector and compare your old one with what is available. Another option would be to do a search for a good replacement complete motherboard which as an assembly would be fairly easy to change(last link MB $11.99). Replacing a mini USB not the easiest job for a beginner. If not comfortable making repair, take device into a good computer/cell repair shop for a estimate on repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

RCA Voyager II RCT6773W22 Disassembly




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