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Lightning connector install - antenna connector?

Have purchased the lightning connector kit and removed my old one, now installing the new one. I just can't get that dog gone antenna cable connected to the socket. I worry I've broken it, but it LOOKS like it's intact. Unable to tell.

Any secrets to getting that connector attached?

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I usually hold just below the head (the actual connector) with tweezers, align it and then apply pressure with another fingernail.

Now, if you have tried several times, you may have deformed the connector. It should be nice and round; otherwise, it is difficult to mate.

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i prefer to use my tweezers to hold the component still on the metal neck of the connector, then use the corner of my pry tool to pressure the component into place. you should hear a firm Click, that lets you know it is set. if you dont get the click, there is a possability that it was milled too loose, or expanded by continuously trying to fit it. that being said, if it doesnt come off with a light tug, then it should be in place.

I hope this helps.

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