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Are the display and glass fused as one unit?

Hi, my friend is giving me a droid ultra but it is cracked and i might want to replace it in the future. i have one question though are the display and glass fused as one unit or are the seperate? it would be nice to only replace the glass cause the touch buttons at the bottom only the back button works. the home and multitask buttons dont work at all anymore.

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@dudefoxlive, Keitaro, Yes, the glass can be separated from the LCD, see video link's below on how it is done and link to replacement glass which you can also do a search on for better pricing. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.




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sadly at the moment i can not view the video due to filtering on my school wifi. i plan to replace the screen at some point in time but not right now. for the time i am going to use an app for the home and mutlitask button replacement.


well after looking at the videos turns out the glass is glued to the lcd which is not something that i am very comfortable trying to remove. it would be easier for me to just purchase the whole assembly as one unit LCD and digitize already glued together as it would be much easier for me. plus the screen has LCD burn cause the previous owner never locked the phone when he was not using it so it was always at the home screen and it got burned into the LCD.


@dudefoxlive, Keitaro, Yes, much simpler repair to replace the assy., thanks for posting back. Good luck with your device.


@lpfaff1 i will say this if you do it be careful when putting the board back into the housing. i broke the volume buttons and they need to be replaced. if only i can fine the part somehow.


@dudefoxlive,Keitaro, Best to just try a search using your make and model# for required replacement part. I will post a link below, it may be the part you need.



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