The screen wont power up after disassembly

Hi i took apart my asus laptop just to see what was under the hood. i unplugged the keyboard and the battery connectors to look at the RAM, but afterwards i plugged everything back where it went. Now my laptop screen wont boot up when i press the power button im not sure if i broke something!!! if anyone knows the answer to this i would greatly appreciate the help.

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Do you get any indication when you connect the charger to the laptop? What lights if any show up?

Can you hear the fan running when you start the laptop?

Assuming you have a HDD and not a SSD can you here the HDD spin up?

Have you rechecked all the cable connections again?

If it does start but there is no display only, connect an external monitor and check if it has a display.

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the fans start up and the power led light turns on. ive also checked the connections three times the hdd light doest not turn on



Check the RAM is seated properly

Can you get into BIOS at all on startup?

if so, check if the HDD is being detected by the BIOS.


Update: i've switched the ram and it worked perfectly fine afterwards i'm thinking that maybe the ram just wasn't seated properly(nearly gave myself a heart attack) but all is good for now. Thanks for the help jayeff


Ram wasn't seated properly


That happens. Always make sure you hear that solid click.

G750JX here. ;3


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G752 here as well and most probably I ruined my laptop but just want to get your ideas if any.

I dismantled my laptop because I was hearing a noise inside of it whenever I was moving it. I found out that the BIOS battery did fall of as it was being hold with a tape……….

When I added some tape I reassembled my laptop but does not work any more. I hit the “Power” button but no lights, no fans. Its Dead. I am sure that I have put everything back in place. I have opened multiple laptops in the past. The only strange I noticed is that when I was disassembling it I noticed the back leds of the monitor to open instantly and then stop again…… without a proper reason. The power cable was unplugged but the battery was unfortunately on.

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Hi @papsoc ,

With the laptop battery still plugged in there is still power available on the motherboard.

Unfortunately the Power button is not an isolating power switch but just a momentary contact switch that starts/stops the process.

You may have accidentally shorted something out on the motherboard as you were working on it.

Not trying to preach but rule number 1 when working on electronic equipment - always disconnect "all" the power, until you're ready to test that is. Prevents a lot of electrical problems due to "accidents" ;-)

Using a strong light and a magnifying glass if necessary, to inspect the motherboard for any obvious signs of damage, electrical or physical. You may be lucky and spot something amiss.

Good luck


Add Rule Number 2:

After disconnecting power supply and removing battery press power button for 20-30 seconds to discharge any power left in the system.


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