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SodaStream Source is a new way to create soda in the comfort of your own home that allows you to personalize your beverage and make only the drinks you want, avoiding all the extra bottles.

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Why do I hear a hissing noise coming from my SodaStream?

Whenever I try to use my sodastream, I hear a hissing noise coming from the machine.

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Student question.


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If you are hearing a hissing noise it could be your carbonation canister is loose. To fix this problem, ensure that the carbonation canister is secure. Please be aware that recent carbonation bottles have been recalled due to bursting under pressure.

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How about a link to the recall?


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Sodastream has a pressure relief valve, so it is important to see where the sound is coming from. It’s normal for gas to come out of this pressure relief valve. Make sure that your carbonation cylinder and carbonation hose are not leaking. You can easily check it by taking the covers off.

If you are hearing a hissing noise coming from your SodaStream Source, the carbonation tube is leaking gas, or the carbonation bottle is leaking, use the SodaStream Source is Leaking Gas problem page to fix the leak.

If you are heaving gas leaking from the carbonation tube, use this SodaStream Source Internal Carbonation Air Hose Replacement Guide to replace the device’s internal carbonation air hose. This solution requires taking apart the SodaStream Source.

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..I was anticipating the next steps in taking covers off ... but that could be in the step by steps they have on this site for such replacement parts, etc..?


Thanks for the clarification, it helped with my Fizzi model.


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