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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Help! Need to replace something on the board!

I was performing a cap replacement for my sega game gear and I accidentally removed something tiny next to the capacitor i was changing.

It was in position C41. I don't know what it is and can't seem to find info on it to replace it.

Board is : VA1 - Twin ASIC 837-7996

I tested it anyway and seemed fine but I know whatever was there needs to be replaced


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From what I can see it looks like C41 is part of the Data Bus, but according to the information about this board it doesn't look like C41 is used even though it is present. I will link a picture of the schematics and the page I found the info on.

Found on page: https://console5.com/wiki/Game_Gear#837-...

Block Image

Good Luck.

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