I have no backlight but I have image. could be the fuse?

hi there.

i bought an used mbp retina late 2012 A1425 that have no backlight but do have image (iluminated apple logo shows image)


- the lcd conector seams to be fine but the cabe seams to have some bite close to the lcd connector (right beside of the screw that hold the bottom part) but i cant see any broken cables and nothing came out of the "blue" cables..

- theres no broken stuff inside

- there's image if i put a light behind apple logo...

so i want to know:

- could be only some fuse?

- could be the "bite"of the cabe?

- is this cable switchble? or is it integrated to the screem?

if i plug another screen and the problem continue, become clear that is a motherboard problem right?

Block Image

Block Image

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Could be the cable but unlikely. It sounds more like the backlight circuitry on your logicboard. It could be the fuse as well as many other parts. To start trying to figure it out, it will help if you post some good high-res images of your board with your question. That way we can mark a few parts for you to check out. Also, let us know what the exact number on your logic board is. Should be a 820-XXXX number on it.


Judging by the residue signs on the board and fan i think somebody else tried to work on this board before, so maybe a board problem. As @oldturkey03 said high-res pictures and a board model no. would help us to give you more informations about what to check further.


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