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Patentierte Ultraschall-Technologie mit 31.000 Bürstenstrichen pro Minute, 5 verschiedenen Bürst-Einstellungen und einer modernen Bürstenkopf-Technologie. Duales Ladesystem inklusive Netzteil, Glas und USB Reise-Ladecase.

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I Believe I Have Discovered a Defect In Design

The upper spindle on which the brush snaps into place appears to be constructed partially of plastic. While the brush is vibrating it rubs against a metal portion, especially when the user is pressing the brush against his teeth. My toothbrush now does not operate. Once even the slightest pressure is applied to brushing my teeth the vibration ceases. If no pressure is applied, as in not touching my teeth with the brush, the toothbrush vibrates as it should. This is poor design for the obvious reason - one has to apply pressure and in doing so the plastic part deteriorates making the electric toothbrush useless. Is this a know defect? Can I get my expensive toothbrush replaced? have you made alterations in your latest version?

Thank you,

Brian Rodgers

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Well, I just contacted Philips and they gave me a free replacement even though the toothbrush was out of warranty. Yiiippppeeeee!!!


Hey @vilkas1 , I have the same problem. Is there any way I can get your case number with Philips to get mine replaced? email me at tn1kinobe@hotmail.com please. They won't replace mine without receipt, but I told them you were able to get it out of warranty, so they asked for your case number so they can do the same for me. Thanks Brian!


Hey guys, I had exactly this problem too with my brush, the problem however was the winding of the motor coil, where the copper wire broke next to the terminal on the winding. So the toothbrush stopped working when the shaft bent enough for the copper to not make contact. I was lucky that it was just at the terminal as I could just re-solder it to get it working again.


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@vilkas1 that is a really good observation. iFixit is most likely not going to replace your toothbrush nor will Philips get any design ideas from us. I think this would make a great guide/wiki. Add some images to your question and let's see if we can convert it to such. Use this guide for that. Show where you think the design fault is present.

It might be worthwhile to send your request to Philips depending on which country you are in. Who knows, you may just get anew toothbrush from them.

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