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Mid 2010 Modell A1278 / 2,4 oder 2,66 GHz Core 2 Duo Prozessor

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no power, dim magsafe led

liquid spill.

disassemble and cleaned thoroughly with 99% alcohol.

no power. any chance at all that is not the logic board?

if the dc-in board was fried, would the machine power on?

i do have a previous gen 2.26Ghz machine. does it use the same dc-in board?

if it is the logic board, any sources for component level repair?


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I'd remove the logicboard, soak it in 99% alcohol, dry it after a few hours in the oven (wrap in alumium foil and use something around 100 degree centigrade). After that have good look with a magnifier for any residant stains and clean the manually. Assemble and keep your fingers crossed.

I rescued a few liquid victims that way.

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If the DC-in board was fried then as long as the battery had power it'd boot up, which is a likely possibility, batteries are some of the first things to go after a liquid spill, the first thing you should do when you spill is yank the battery out- unfortunately the new MacBooks require a little more time than the turn of a quarter :(.

So if you can test with another battery that'd be a good idea, otherwise I'm sorry to say it's the logic board, which 2/5 times is the problem after a liquid spill.

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turn of a quarter would have been much quicker than going out to find a tri-wing!

will try another battery and post again. your reply is greatly appreciated. :)


Tried good (charged) battery: does chime. no video, fan runs, did not hear the hard drive trying to load os. Connected external monitor using dongle: no go. anyone have clues? other diagnostic ideas? tia


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Same problem. 1 glass of red wine = no power. were you able to get yours going?

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